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Poets and Writers of Chess.com

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  • Formed: Jun 17, 2008
  • I've noticed that there are tons of people on chess.com who are also quite keen on poetry and writing - this is a group for anyone interested in sharing/critiquing their poetry, lyrics or any type of writing. I figure it's overdue that we have a place to congregate! -Rael (June, 2008)

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  • Yes thank you for your sarcastic observation. I knew I was there and take my share , along with you and the other members. In other better organised groups an admin monitors the moves and ensures members are prompted if time is I soon to lapse. My point really is that timing out is a bad way to lose a game.

    by mpearce01 8 days ago

  • The voting is co-ordinated by the chess.com computer automatically..

    by DENVERHIGH 8 days ago

  • The SA nor the other administrators have nothing to to with the vote game that was going on. Only the members of the vote team were responsicle. guitarzan (1628). . Matilda876 (1565). . Sam34 (1527). . DENVERHIGH (1524). . Taffy-Duff (1426). . mpearce01 (1193). Oh my, you are on the list also.

    by DENVERHIGH 8 days ago

  • There are two other admins and an SA apart from DENVERHIGH! Couldn't they have managed it between them? Timing out is such a poor way to lose a match!

    by mpearce01 2 weeks ago

  • I set up the matches. There was six members and nobody voted for the next move before the time of three days expired.I logged after I got back into town and shortly after that it the message said we lost on time.

    by DENVERHIGH 2 weeks ago

  • Who co-ordinate s our vote chess matches? Why did we time out?

    by mpearce01 2 weeks ago

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! :-)

    by grimantogra 3 weeks ago

  • ok

    by SpotlessStar 4 weeks ago

  • National Novel Writing Month. You have the month of November to write a novel of at least 50,000 words. Google it!

    by mpearce01 4 weeks ago

  • what is NaNoWriMo?

    by SpotlessStar 4 weeks ago