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  • Formed: Jun 17, 2008
  • I've noticed that there are tons of people on chess.com who are also quite keen on poetry and writing - this is a group for anyone interested in sharing/critiquing their poetry, lyrics or any type of writing. I figure it's overdue that we have a place to congregate! -Rael (June, 2008)

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  • How about tossing me a challenge phrase, EP? If you already have, please slap me back awake with a repeat?

    by bordlyron 6 days ago

  • Didn't know what time it was, the lights were low; I leaned back on my radio.

    by bordlyron 10 days ago

  • Today I would like to commemorate: ð, þ, Ȝ, and Æ - gone, but not forgotten

    by JamieDelarosa 10 days ago

  • Cool. Funny, I never linked the movie to the Ziggy song. Multiple Bowie bonus points to you!

    by bordlyron 10 days ago

  • I'm here boldlyron - starman.

    by electricpawn 10 days ago

  • Where be Ye, EP?

    by bordlyron 11 days ago

  • OK

    by electricpawn 3 weeks ago

  • When you're finished, please don't omit posting it as a complete piece to one of the forums (I suggest perhaps Simple Little Poems, where I started this by running off with your "porcelain" line.

    by bordlyron 3 weeks ago

  • Compelled by nature to pursue.

    by electricpawn 3 weeks ago

  • soft garden soil in the dark, muscles flexing like springs, tension building and relaxing. Locomotive light flashes, whistle blows suddenly as he leaps into the blackness

    by electricpawn 3 weeks ago

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