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Poets and Writers of Chess.com

  • International 
  • Formed: Jun 17, 2008
  • I've noticed that there are tons of people on chess.com who are also quite keen on poetry and writing - this is a group for anyone interested in sharing/critiquing their poetry, lyrics or any type of writing. I figure it's overdue that we have a place to congregate! -Rael (June, 2008)

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  • The truths so ugly, the lies so sweet - I counted them like a prayer bead!

    by Eventhorizon 11 days ago

  • "The burning hot sheets lay covering my fevered and sweating body...wrapped like a bloody wet corpse upon and open grave. My room is a crypt full of empty night silence. Loneliness is lying bleak outside my door".

    by TigerPetrolium 5 weeks ago

  • “Life's single lesson: that there is more accident to it than a man can ever admit to in a lifetime and stay sane.” ~Thomas Pynchon

    by TheMeepOne 2 months ago

  • A perfect beauty of a sunflower! a perfect excellent lovely sunflower existence! a sweet natural eye to the new hip moon, woke up alive and excited grasping in the sunset shadow sunrise golden monthly breeze!" Allen Ginsberg

    by grimantogra 2 months ago

  • An interesting read for all those who feel spritual today: http://www.amazon.de/secrets-fantastic-revelations-mystic-spiritual-experiences-ebook/dp/B00QB6P3NQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422172795&sr=8-1&keywords=beings+of+light+and+cosmic+wisdom

    by rdiet 6 months ago

  • Pino Daniele - "Quanno Chiove" (When it's raining) ♪♫♬ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkY4d9ICE9w

    by grimantogra 7 months ago

  • *bows and milks applause*

    by brumtown 8 months ago

  • Welcome to the group, and Congrats Brum *salute*

    by RedSoxpawn 8 months ago

  • Congratulations, brumtown!!!

    by TheMeepOne 8 months ago

  • My first book was published on amazon yesterday!!!!

    by brumtown 8 months ago