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  • Formed: Feb 23, 2009
  • For chess.com poker fans and players. This group requires no invitation, please join in and discuss another maddening game with us!

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  • hi to all members of this fantastic group, u all are welcome to send a friend request...as I am a 90-30 and/or 45-45 player

    by Vibhav_G 3 weeks ago

  • Usually I like his character and it's fun to watch him play but I was just smh while watching him play the 2014 High Roller in the Bahamas. He wasted three bullets!

    by Frankovich73 13 months ago

  • He's a great tournament player, but he is not a great cash game player. He's a good ambassador for the game, charismatic, etc. But he also goes on rants about the players he dislikes (Annie Duke, etc.) But mostly, he's good for poker, IMO.

    by Ty_Twadd 13 months ago

  • Are you guys Negreanu fans?

    by Frankovich73 13 months ago

  • Please accept the Hungarian Chess Group's challenge.

    by borsiz 3 years ago

  • Borsiz, I play poker for a living. Las Vegas has some of the toughest games in the world, but we also have the lowest rake too. Plus big games. Best wishes to you.

    by Ty_Twadd 3 years ago

  • Twadd, as I see you live in Las Vegas - it is cool. :)

    by borsiz 3 years ago

  • I sure wish this group was more active. I'm glad to see someone wrote SOMETHING. It's been 3 years since anyone wrote in here!! Thanks Borsiz, and best of furtune to you too.

    by Ty_Twadd 3 years ago

  • Hi! Big slick for everybody! :D

    by borsiz 3 years ago

  • yea but royal flush tops em all even 4 of a kind

    by Humness 6 years ago