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Prowling Tigers

  • International 
  • Formed: Oct 13, 2009
  • If you love tigers this this is your group.

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  • I must regretfully inform that I'm leaving the group for reasons that have to do with schooling

    by RedSoxpawn 5 years ago

  • hmm.^_^ It is up to you Spence.^_^ In truth..I am not so active in many groups anymore.

    by Yuyuuchan 5 years ago

  • no i am asking all ppl not just you but ok!

    by spencer1217 5 years ago

  • well, no, i dont want to, ask someone else u trust to, if u cant find someone, i will take it ok!

    by WolfLeader 5 years ago

  • well if you want the spot here tell me and i will step down i have a few groups i really NEED to work on!

    by spencer1217 5 years ago

  • lol, u are like me spencer, we both focus on one group!

    by WolfLeader 5 years ago

  • does any1 want this group to remain up?

    by spencer1217 5 years ago

  • haha too many lols

    by spencer1217 6 years ago

  • lol, made a scene, lol srry lol

    by WolfLeader 6 years ago

  • ummm WL this is Prowling Tigers and there was only 6 new notes :D

    by spencer1217 6 years ago

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