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Pune Chess Team

  • Pune India 
  • Formed: Mar 22, 2012
  • This is the original chess.com chess group created by Shrikant Bhosale , for Pune City...

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  • Namaskar Punekar..!!

    by pushkardongre29 14 hours ago

  • yes ... vik9612

    by chess_pune 5 weeks ago

  • can we start some group event?

    by vik9612 3 months ago

  • Hi to all ...

    by chess_pune 5 months ago

  • hello all

    by vik9612 5 months ago

  • happy

    by sid201 8 months ago

  • Happy new year

    by k17kitkat_kyro 8 months ago

  • Wish you a very happy new year and make Pune Chess Team a active and dynamic chess group

    by chess_pune 8 months ago

  • here is the link to the tournament details http://www.cmca.in/Downloads/Write_up_for_PDCC_website.pdf

    by sid201 8 months ago

  • i request u to play a chess tournament which is held on every sunday at bmcc college it is a rapid tournament and time controls are 15 mins and 5 sec increment

    by sid201 8 months ago