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Qatar Chess Fanatics

  • International Qatar 
  • Formed: Feb 17, 2010
  • Chess fanatics seeking diversion from hectic works

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  • Only two players and thw match with Economists start!

    by Expertfinance 2 years ago

  • Come and play the match with Economists

    by Expertfinance 2 years ago

  • Can u pls find more players or lock ur team match against London 2012. Thanks

    by suezy 2 years ago

  • Match with London 2012 - C'omon guys! (2) 1300+ and(1) 1000+ would even the boards. come play with us! --London 2012 :)

    by suzettemy 3 years ago

  • it's too late,i want to join the match,but anyway good luck to all of you guys...

    by dandof 4 years ago

  • we have to finish all our matches,either we lose or win,then we will refresh the groups...all admin dont accept challenges at this time...

    by dandof 4 years ago

  • sorry, I'm a member of both groups!

    by opticRED 4 years ago

  • need players for our match versus Chess in the City...

    by dandof 4 years ago

  • I have to create new team matches,i hope everybody will join....

    by dandof 4 years ago

  • welcome Ranong9,the newest member of the group...

    by dandof 4 years ago