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Republic of Newfoundland

  • North Atlantic Ocean Canada 
  • Formed: Jul 5, 2009
  • A group for all Newfoundlanders, descendants of Newfoundlanders, ex-pats, Irish who like Newfoundland, and those who remember that Newfoundland was once a sovreign nation,......and ...think perhaps should be again.

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  • just watched a newfoundlander sing the nional anthem at game 1 of the ALCS

    by Dougrob 6 weeks ago

  • We have been challenged to play a team match. If you are interested in playing please join.

    by Dougrob 11 months ago

  • go to the group site and click on matches available to join.

    by Dougrob 14 months ago

  • How do I join?

    by sheldon_collier 14 months ago

  • We have a team match that has opening for another player if you want to join.

    by Dougrob 14 months ago

  • be safe - it is a cold one out there.

    by Dougrob 23 months ago

  • why should newfoundland be independent again?

    by Chris13579 2 years ago

  • Happy mother's day to all the mothers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    by Dougrob 3 years ago

  • we need two ore players for the following team match

    by Dougrob 3 years ago


    by Dougrob 3 years ago