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  • International 
  • Formed: Apr 21, 2008
  • For fans of the prog-rock trio or music of any type...........

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  • Greetings from Finland! I take this group is free to join? -Juho

    by Juhomorko 6 weeks ago

  • not much,,,,,heard any thing on there new work?

    by rds112064 2 years ago

  • greetings and salutations all . It's been a long time so what did i miss ?

    by GavinH 2 years ago

  • I saw them a couple of weeks ago and they were great. The pre- and post-show videos were hilarious.

    by shawn2176 4 years ago

  • 2 days for the awesome show!! freaking excited, over 50.000 thousand people will be there. expecting a heck of a show!

    by dronacarya 4 years ago

  • anyone who likes hip hop check out the liquid swords group, its new! i created it because the other group for hip hop fans is inactive. thanks! http://www.chess.com/groups/home/liquid-swords

    by tomo6 4 years ago

  • Great news dronacarya! Enjoy it ... I hope they put on their usual great show. I'm going to see them at their stop in San Antonio this September, kind of a long drive considering I live in Austin which is supposed to be the "live music capital of the world", but it's worth it...

    by shawn2176 4 years ago

  • im so damn happy, rush is coming to southamerica and chile with its time machine tour, the dream of my life will become true!!

    by dronacarya 4 years ago

  • What? in the Matrix? I is Neo, yo, I is the one, I is the chosen one, beam me up Scotty, yo!

    by thegab03 4 years ago

  • HEY doesn't any body live HERE ??????

    by Ant_2112 4 years ago