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Salt Lake City Chess Players

  • Salt Lake City, UT United States 
  • Formed: May 30, 2009
  • Live in the greater Salt Lake area? Have a passion for chess? Looking to learn how to play? Join this group to hook up with local chess players! Find opponents/hobbyists from the area to play face to face, or online!

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  • @whereisrobby i'm down

    by slcacid 4 days ago

  • Lets start up a chess day - perhaps once or twice a month. There is also the university of utah chess club. This would just be way more informal.

    by whereisrobby 5 days ago

  • awesome, ill send you both a challenge :) im not that good but i love a game of chess

    by WildBill19 2 weeks ago

  • Yes. Send a game invite if you would like to play

    by tyfletch 2 weeks ago

  • I be playing everyday bruv slc utah

    by Mayedasun 3 weeks ago

  • Hello! is anyone ever on here anymore? i am in slc utah

    by WildBill19 3 weeks ago

  • ツ 回 ₪

    by slcacid 8 weeks ago

  • I used to play at the coffee club in taylorsville tuesdays and thursdays, but I have kids now and don't really get out anymore.

    by gradyplayer 7 months ago

  • Appreciate it. Thats why I play online. Right now, just dont have anytime to make it to those places.

    by TAMALIITOA 14 months ago

  • There are several chess meetups in Salt Lake. utahchess.com has a listing. There is one on Mondays at Salt Lake Coffee Breaks. There is one up at the U and one in Taylorsville. I was thinking of starting a West Valley meetup but not sure the interest.

    by Azrael2012 14 months ago

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