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  • Formed: Jun 3, 2010
  • This is a group for fans of Sam Shankland.

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  • bye

    by ekkal 5 weeks ago

  • Is Sam playing in the World Cup Baku

    by Vibhav_G 2 months ago

  • weres mr.s shankes manes ??? saeys 2665+2+2 ?!!?!?

    by chooseb 2 months ago

  • Can I be the admin?

    by ChristopherVH 10 months ago

  • Wojo,s secret weapon also features catalan and its in pragmatic style, including fian. kid... 2595 rated.. prize money hunter. Shall buy once my first credit card arrives.

    by Chemwong 24 months ago

  • *BUMP*

    by Samsch 2 years ago

  • Yeah...

    by Samsch 3 years ago

  • I wish he could give some guidiance on open catalan... Boris and Bologen gave too difficult recommendation in their books...

    by Chemwong 3 years ago

  • It is!!!

    by Samsch 3 years ago

  • It is possible!

    by Samsch 3 years ago