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Sam Shankland Fan Club

  • United States 
  • Formed: Jun 3, 2010
  • This is a group for fans of Sam Shankland.

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  • Wojo,s secret weapon also features catalan and its in pragmatic style, including fian. kid... 2595 rated.. prize money hunter. Shall buy once my first credit card arrives.

    by Chemwong 9 months ago

  • *BUMP*

    by Samsch 10 months ago

  • Yeah...

    by Samsch 20 months ago

  • I wish he could give some guidiance on open catalan... Boris and Bologen gave too difficult recommendation in their books...

    by Chemwong 20 months ago

  • It is!!!

    by Samsch 20 months ago

  • It is possible!

    by Samsch 22 months ago

  • Yeah, ask them!!!

    by Samsch 22 months ago

  • I wish that it is possible!

    by Chemwong 23 months ago

  • Guys, can we invite shankland to this group and ask Kohai if she can make a couple admins as our super admin and this group has gone inactive. Thanks!

    by Samsch 23 months ago

  • Thank you for the shankland video!!!

    by Samsch 2 years ago