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San Francisco Mechanics (USCL)

  • San Francisco United States 
  • Formed: Sep 12, 2013
  • This is the official group for members, fans & friends of the San Francisco Mechanics! We've been in the Pacific (West) Division since 2005! Official Page: http://uschessleague.com/sanfrancisco.php

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  • The March 27th Issue of MIC Newsletter is out - http://chessclub.org/news.php?n=703

    by ashikuzzaman 3 days ago

  • Did you notice the new look & feel of Mechanics Web Site? If not, check out here - http://chessclub.org/index.php

    by ashikuzzaman 5 days ago

  • I sent 2 invitations, join... and have fun!

    by faodj777 13 months ago

  • Hi team! Please play against Team Metallica. The link is: http://www.chess.com/groups/view_team_match_challenge?id=573394

    by faodj777 13 months ago

  • This group is inactive

    by BulletMatetricks 16 months ago

  • Read about your favorite team and how they did in week 6, then go vote in the GOTW poll on the homepage! http://www.chess.com/news/uscl-week-6-wrapup-1240

    by MikeKlein 18 months ago

  • Not right now :( Send them messages and get them in here ;)

    by DanielRensch 18 months ago

  • Are the SF Mechanics players even in this group? ;)

    by btickler 18 months ago

  • If I could "like" your note I would ;-)

    by DanielRensch 18 months ago

  • Kraai: The good news? Quesada is ducking you it seems. The bad news? It also seems Becerra is not.

    by MikeKlein 18 months ago