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Seattle Chess Meetup

  • Seattle United States 
  • Formed: Mar 13, 2012
  • A group for members of the Seattle Chess Meetup (www.seattlechessmeetup.org)

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  • FYI there is a blitz match this Satuday at Occidental Park. See our meetup site www.seattlechessmeetup.org for more details.

    by mattchess 3 months ago

  • Six players registered so far for our tournament. Will leave registration open another day and then start it.

    by mattchess 8 months ago

  • If you are not a member of Team Washington, you may enjoy being part of that group. They are very well organized and run US Chess League games against other regional teams. Currently registering players for Final Season 4 Division 1 USCL against New Jersey.

    by mattchess 8 months ago

  • New tournament open for registration!

    by mattchess 8 months ago

  • Midnight Hour is tied and still going! Think I will go ahead and start another tournament at this point else we may never start :P So Seattle Chess Meetup tourney starting soon - be sure to register.

    by mattchess 8 months ago

  • When this match finishes I'll start another tournament

    by mattchess 9 months ago

  • Match is tied with one game left still! Good luck Prisonbreak!

    by mattchess 9 months ago

  • tied in our midnight hour match with one game left :P

    by mattchess 10 months ago

  • ok

    by Aspiring_Champ 11 months ago

  • No - the meetups are not rated games. For rated games your only optionin the area is the seattle chess club

    by mattchess 11 months ago