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Seattle Chess Meetup

  • Seattle United States 
  • Formed: Mar 13, 2012
  • A group for members of the Seattle Chess Meetup (

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  • It might be fun to set up a "live" tournament. Once pairings are announced for the week, players need to set a time to play each other. Two games per week, with each player taking White for one game. Relatively short time control of 15 10, or 10 5, for example.

    by lPindar 9 hours ago

  • Is there interest in a new one? I'll change the format so it is not multiple rounds and will complete faster.

    by mattchess 14 hours ago

  • Congrats ChessOwnage

    by mattchess 14 hours ago

  • The last Seattle Chess Meetup tournament finally completed after close to two years!

    by mattchess 14 hours ago

  • yes - meetups are announced at

    by mattchess 3 months ago

  • Is this group still active?

    by Aspiring_Champ 3 months ago

  • If you do request an invite, mention you are part of the Seattle Chess Meetup and I pointed you there. Will speed things along (invites need to be approved). The vote chess has been the best learning experience - I highly recommend it.

    by mattchess 10 months ago

  • I don't know how many of you would be interested or have already seen this, but for some time now I have been one of the admins for The Unsound Openers (TUO). This is an awesome group of players - we have lots of matches and vote chess, focusing on gambits and unusual lines. We have quite a few FMs in our group - I have learned a TON. If any of you are interested, you should request an invite.

    by mattchess 10 months ago

  • FYI there is a blitz match this Satuday at Occidental Park. See our meetup site for more details.

    by mattchess 15 months ago

  • Six players registered so far for our tournament. Will leave registration open another day and then start it.

    by mattchess 20 months ago