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Seattle Mariner fans

  • Seattle, WA United States 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2011
  • A group of lost souls hopelessly dedicated to a team that hasn't even made the World Series in their 35+ years of existence. We will play team matches and maybe some vote chess once we get some people together. Go M's!!!

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  • game cancelled vs the A's due to bad field conditions, not surprising coming from the Oakland D-minuses...

    by Roofless 12 days ago

  • wow, 3 crush offs of the Angels...maybe 78 wins was modest?

    by Roofless 2 weeks ago

  • not bad tonight, prediction for number of wins: 78

    by Roofless 2 weeks ago

  • I'm trying to host a championship, you are owning a sports team, PM if you want more informations ABOUT FIRST ALL SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP (ASC)

    by garignon 6 weeks ago

  • of course not. Well, at least the Yankees did not make the playoffs, and hopefully Oakland gets crushed by Detroit.

    by Roofless 7 months ago

  • ok, no sweep, can we get 2 outta 3?

    by Roofless 7 months ago

  • 70 wins, a season end treat would be to sweep the Oakland D-Minuses!

    by Roofless 7 months ago

  • ok, 69 wins, yay us!

    by Roofless 7 months ago

  • 1-8 in the final 9 games will = 68 wins.

    by Roofless 7 months ago

  • funny that the newcomers Morales and Morse are doing a good job, but Smoak, Ackley, Montero and Seager are still horrible! Nice to see Ryan and Guti start off strong.

    by Roofless 12 months ago