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Seattle Seahawks

  • Seattle, WA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 23, 2009
  • This group is for people who are chess players and die-hard Seahawk fans! Anyone can join that likes Seattle Seahawks! I'm just joking.....anyone can join even if you don't like Seattle Seahawks! And if you like chess...... this is the perfect group to join! Go Seattle Seahawks! ........ And Chess!

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  • well, the Detroit 10 was right, maybe we can stomp the Bengals in their house?

    by Roofless 7 weeks ago

  • Monday Night Football against the Loins, 35-10, not even close, easy win.

    by Roofless 7 weeks ago

  • at least no major injuries

    by Charlie61554 3 months ago

  • True, but when one dedicates a couple of hours to enjoy a game it would be nice to win.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • meh...... its pre season..... loling at the fact that sf fans are claiming theyre going to win the NFC west based on two rounds of preseason and being the only team to win a pre season game in the NFC west..... lol

    by trentthechessnut 3 months ago

  • well, crud, 0-2, not fun so far.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • This week, we slap KC around in their own house, and show those folks in MO they know nothing of real noise.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • so much for that, nice to see though that someone can run back a kick, Walter last year seemingly always fair caught everything.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • Alright, Football is back, Denver is up first, would be nice to drop 35 on those fools.

    by Roofless 3 months ago

  • they are the enemys of the seahawks

    by minecraft201 6 months ago

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