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Seattle Sounders FC Fans

  • CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington United States 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • A group for Fans of the Seattle Sounders!

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  • We tied Dallas 1-1 in the first leg of our playoff series, anyone else going to the home match on Monday?

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 3 months ago


    by husky123 3 months ago

  • Sounders?

    by husky123 3 months ago

  • Seahawks? :o)))

    by Dietmar 3 months ago

  • Hey guys, guess who won the supporters shield? (Hint, it starts with an S)

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 3 months ago

  • My gosh the end of this season is ridiculous. If the Sounders can get a draw or win against LA next Saturday we clinch the Supporters Shield!

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 3 months ago

  • US Open Cup Final is tonight at 4:30! The Sounders are starting to flirt with the idea of being the first team ever to win the treble, but they need to win the USOC to do that! We should be favorites to beat Philly, but they're also on a hot streak right now, so it should be close.

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 4 months ago

  • I believe you are correct.

    by Dietmar 5 months ago

  • No kidding! Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they undefeated at Starfire over the last 6 years?

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 5 months ago

  • The Sounders seem to be invincible at Starfire.

    by Dietmar 5 months ago