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Seattle Sounders FC Fans

  • CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington United States 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • A group for Fans of the Seattle Sounders!

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  • US Open Cup Final is tonight at 4:30! The Sounders are starting to flirt with the idea of being the first team ever to win the treble, but they need to win the USOC to do that! We should be favorites to beat Philly, but they're also on a hot streak right now, so it should be close.

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 2 days ago

  • I believe you are correct.

    by Dietmar 5 weeks ago

  • No kidding! Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they undefeated at Starfire over the last 6 years?

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 5 weeks ago

  • The Sounders seem to be invincible at Starfire.

    by Dietmar 5 weeks ago

  • 6-0 today, almost like Germany - Brazil. Almost .. :o))

    by Dietmar 5 weeks ago

  • What happens when Seattle plays Portland twice in one week? They eliminate them from the US Open Cup and win 2-0 in league play. (Duh.) Good week to be a Sounder.

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 2 months ago

  • Sounders beat DC United 1-0 at RFK stadium today.

    by owltuna 3 months ago

  • I think Belguim is quite possibly the strongest team in the Cup; USA will have to play an outstanding game to advance past this round.

    by owltuna 3 months ago

  • Do you guys think USA will win the world cup

    by boy20111 3 months ago

  • In the US Open Cup, we met San Jose (again). I stayed up until 1:30 watching this game guys (but that's only because I'm in the east coast timezone for one more week.... and because it went to penalty kicks.) http://www.soundersfc.com/post/2014/06/25/highlights-seattle-sounders-fc-vs-san-jose-earthquakes

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 3 months ago