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Seattle Sounders FC Fans

  • CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington United States 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • A group for Fans of the Seattle Sounders!

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  • What happens when Seattle plays Portland twice in one week? They eliminate them from the US Open Cup and win 2-0 in league play. (Duh.) Good week to be a Sounder.

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 42 minutes ago

  • Sounders beat DC United 1-0 at RFK stadium today.

    by owltuna 2 weeks ago

  • I think Belguim is quite possibly the strongest team in the Cup; USA will have to play an outstanding game to advance past this round.

    by owltuna 2 weeks ago

  • Do you guys think USA will win the world cup

    by boy20111 3 weeks ago

  • In the US Open Cup, we met San Jose (again). I stayed up until 1:30 watching this game guys (but that's only because I'm in the east coast timezone for one more week.... and because it went to penalty kicks.) http://www.soundersfc.com/post/2014/06/25/highlights-seattle-sounders-fc-vs-san-jose-earthquakes

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 3 weeks ago

  • Nice match recaps. It is great to have one place where you can get both your chess and soccer fill.

    by Dietmar 5 weeks ago

  • What happens when #1 Seattle plays undefeated #2 RSL? A 4-0 Sounders victory, duh. http://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2014-05-31-seattle-sounders-fc-vs-real-salt-lake/recap

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 6 weeks ago

  • Seattle-Portland was yesterday.... and it was an instant classic. Seriously, this game was unbelievable. http://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2014-04-05-portland-timbers-vs-seattle-sounders-fc/details/video/43230

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 3 months ago

  • 3 games into the season, the sounders are 2-0-1. (Or 2-1-0, depending whether you put draw or tie first.) Highlights from their latest games, which includes their new kit: http://www.sounderatheart.com/2014/3/24/5541378/sounders-vs-montreal-highlights-stats-quotes

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 4 months ago

  • Training camp has started! Also, for any of you who don't know about it, http://www.sounderatheart.com/ is probably the best place to go for Sounders news. (That I know of.)

    by Anatoly_Sergievsky 6 months ago