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  • Formed: Jun 8, 2012
  • Welcome We would love to invite you to (1448) memebers the grandest team in SHETOS - SHETOS is a free with him self and see angels as like it, To be able believe see and live his dreams with the angels.. Shetos in all world can deal by the peace as long as welcome to all people here who's joined Shetos.

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  • ?

    by chesswizards624 2 hours ago

  • do you know this game called chess

    by chesswizards624 2 hours ago

  • Hello :)

    by queenme95 2 hours ago

  • good eveniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!;

    by khaled_shoair 11 hours ago

  • good morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

    by LullabyVisca 11 hours ago

  • You have joined this match. I am in :P

    by The_Storm_999 13 hours ago

  • man :/

    by The_Storm_999 13 hours ago


    by khaled_shoair 15 hours ago

  • khaled give me ninja match link plz

    by The_Storm_999 15 hours ago

  • Team SHETOS members , do you like winning matches ? I have been trying my best to get our Top Rated Players to join . I know many are members of Team ACROPOLIS as well and cannot play . SHETOS requires your SUPPORT to make this match happen !! If you can play please Join !! God bless the lot of you !!

    by latinoheat 21 hours ago