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ska n reggae club

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 11, 2012
  • This is the Ska and Reggae Lovers Club. Our main love is the music forums, but we may play some chess soon. Anyone is most welcome to join as long as you are 18 or over. Peace.

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  • Anyone want to run this group? I will step down.

    by Knucklehead-2 10 months ago

  • iff you have an iron shirt challenge me ;)

    by SpeakMyLanguage 10 months ago

  • hi all anyone fancy a game, challenge me?

    by Randalpants 18 months ago

  • Hi Folks, this is Cory. I changed my name. Does anyone want to have a match? I think I could get one started with our 30 members.

    by Knucklehead-2 18 months ago

  • I love i tooo mon lol lol lol

    by Chicky_Chicky 22 months ago

  • Never knew that about you, Carly. lol. Mostly Reggae for me.

    by Knucklehead-2 22 months ago

  • Never knew you were a ska fan ....Wow i love Ska

    by Chicky_Chicky 22 months ago

  • I'll leave that up to you, Trevcat and the other Admins. I'll concentrate on Invites when I get a chance.

    by Knucklehead-2 22 months ago

  • welcome newest members! hello fd hope you are well! we are getting big enough for some matches? peace out TC

    by TREVCAT 22 months ago

  • http://open.spotify.com/artist/1QfjByidqUrsRhcT3fpWTU

    by Ch33k 23 months ago