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Slav Masters

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 21, 2012
  • The "Slav Masters" group is ideal for anyone who wants to master the Slav Defense in response to the Queen's Gambit, or would just like to learn more about this opening. This popular opening was played by 11 of the first 13 world champions and was particularly favored by Euwe, Botvinnik, and Smyslov. More recently the Slav has been adopted by Anand, Ivanchuk, Short, and other top grandmasters, including use in six of the eight games that Vladimir Kramnik played as Black in the 2006 World Championship (in the other two, he played the related Semi-Slav Defense). We feature study groups on the opening as well as forum discussions on Slav strategies, a Slav "Game of the Week", and member-supported game analyses. We also schedule Team Matches that feature the Slav to provide members with practice playing this opening. I look forward to seeing you in the group!

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  • i didnt say Nunn's point was wrong. in fact, i think almost everything in chess takes patience to learn/master.

    by Serotonine 8 hours ago

  • Whether you're a fan of Nunn or of Aagard or someone else, Nunn's point still is true. I don't play the Slav because it's solid, but because it gives me good winning chances against the 2000-2300 crowd (USCF). It's an unbalanced game with some unusual tactical and strategic ideas compared to the more common Indians that are seen in my area. I used to play the French more than anything else, but now I choose my opening based on my opponent. I play the Scheveningen, Taimanov, CK, and French now.

    by SmyslovFan 11 hours ago

  • i guess i just prefer my scheveningen, got bored of french after having played it for some years and i guess CK was too similar to French, whereas to d4 i dont have the sicilian luxury and prefer the solid positional stuff as Slav is to me. oh im not a big fan of J.Nunn, i prefer j.silman and j.aagaard :P

    by Serotonine 13 hours ago

  • J.Nunn writes it takes patience to learn the "strategic" openings (like CK & Slav). Your 1st results will be worse than with other more tactical openings, but the effort will pay back later. Faith helps a lot. CK is still played by the masters for a good reason. Obviously, beeing familiar with the usual themes in the Slav does help in the CK, too.

    by Walter_von_Entferndt 25 hours ago

  • caro-kann of course, funny cus for some reason I love the slav but gave up on the caro-kann after studying it for a few hours and having played 1 game with it xD I never found out why I liked the one and hated the other while they have so much in common, apparently the differences are more significant

    by Serotonine 26 hours ago

  • I'm a slave of the Slav (& Caro-Kann, of course)! On 1.d4?!, I just can't resist to dive into this wonderful universe... ;)

    by Walter_von_Entferndt 26 hours ago

  • no conocía esa celada, 1-1

    by tutelas 5 weeks ago

  • I am hosting a tournament. Here is the link for anyone that is interested :) http://www.chess.com/tournament/august-madness-tournament-no-1

    by ramccrea 7 weeks ago

  • If anyone wants to practice the Slav w/ me, feel free to add me so we can practice on live or online. Thanks!

    by Azanama 3 months ago

  • Hello everyone! I just joined this team to find out more about the Slav. :) Teach me well

    by Azanama 3 months ago