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Slav Masters

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 21, 2012
  • The "Slav Masters" group is ideal for anyone who wants to master the Slav Defense in response to the Queen's Gambit, or would just like to learn more about this opening. This popular opening was played by 11 of the first 13 world champions and was particularly favored by Euwe, Botvinnik, and Smyslov. More recently the Slav has been adopted by Anand, Ivanchuk, Short, and other top grandmasters, including use in six of the eight games that Vladimir Kramnik played as Black in the 2006 World Championship (in the other two, he played the related Semi-Slav Defense). We feature study groups on the opening as well as forum discussions on Slav strategies, a Slav "Game of the Week", and member-supported game analyses. We also schedule Team Matches that feature the Slav to provide members with practice playing this opening. I look forward to seeing you in the group!

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  • cool

    by hsong1 6 weeks ago

  • Welcome ChessLegend28, let's start a new vote chess game.

    by punitiveavenger 6 weeks ago

  • Welcome!

    by satxusa 8 weeks ago

  • Thanks :)

    by ChessLegend28 2 months ago

  • Please welcome ChessLegend28, who has agreed to help out as one of our group admins.

    by ECHOOooo 2 months ago

  • yes

    by THE-WARRIOR 3 months ago

  • Greetings everyone. Is this group also for discussion of the Semi-Slav?

    by amartalon 3 months ago

  • Posted a forum of Chebanenko! http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/a6-chebanenko-slav-4nc3-a6

    by ChessLegend28 3 months ago

  • yes

    by THE-WARRIOR 3 months ago

  • nah

    by SchachMatt 3 months ago