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Slow chess European / African time zones

  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 24, 2012
  • Hi this is a group for those who wish to play a slow game( i.e 45/45 or 90 0) and may want to do an analysis afterwards, at times convenient for those living in a GMT time zone roughly - i.e. Europe or Africa. I think this would probably be a good way to improve. The regular time to meet is 7PM GMT on Mondays, but feel free to arrange other times.

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  • Of course! The same as they have for beach volley. ;)

    by MSC157 6 days ago

  • I have the feeling MSC wants to change the official FIDE female dress-code ;-)

    by hicetnunc 6 days ago

  • Why not? I have lots of (good) ideas for chess. :)

    by MSC157 7 days ago

  • i had a feeling that was the case..

    by yucca 7 days ago

  • lol unfortunately your vote doesn't really count!

    by CP6033 8 days ago

  • does that mean yr running for FIDE president in the near future MSC? ;) you have my vote

    by yucca 8 days ago

  • Oh, rapid. I even don't have a computer and ended up playing ICC blitz on the phone.

    by MSC157 8 days ago

  • sad sad sad......I hope your joking? BTW that rapid match will have to wait....

    by CP6033 8 days ago

  • Already in retirement process. Haven't study chess since April. My only goal is to learn Catalan & that s it. :)

    by MSC157 8 days ago

  • your really retiring? Msc you can't be serious!

    by CP6033 8 days ago