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Slow chess European / African time zones

  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 24, 2012
  • Hi this is a group for those who wish to play a slow game( i.e 45/45 or 90 0) and may want to do an analysis afterwards, at times convenient for those living in a GMT time zone roughly - i.e. Europe or Africa. I think this would probably be a good way to improve. The regular time to meet is 7PM GMT on Mondays, but feel free to arrange other times.

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  • looking for a 45|45 now. Anyone ?

    by yairjazz 6 hours ago

  • BTW jaadlh and friendlytiger - welcome to the group - see the Summer APA forum for the tournament details - you're welcome to be late entrants - not many games played yet so all to play for

    by yucca 9 hours ago

  • I'm up for another APA game monday night - if no one's around by 7 BST I will probably try the new 45/45 pool - not sure how many people are actually using it yet tho...

    by yucca 9 hours ago

  • Can anyone play right now? This offer is here for another 2 hours. :)

    by MSC157 4 days ago

  • time to tell Chess.com you want slow time controls as default: http://www.chess.com/forum/view/suggestions/time-control-changes

    by yairjazz 11 days ago

  • anyone for an APA game monday night around 7 BST?

    by yucca 14 days ago

  • anyone up for a game?

    by CP6033 2 weeks ago

  • Anyone up for a game?

    by MSC157 3 weeks ago

  • Welcome to the group Dowino - we have a Summer All Play All tournament underway - see the forum if you're interested and post times you could play

    by yucca 6 weeks ago

  • Anyone up for a 45|45 game tomorrow sometime around 10 CET? :)

    by Stormstout 6 weeks ago