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South Florida Chess

  • Miami, Fl United States 
  • Formed: Oct 9, 2008
  • South Florida Locals. Casual games & great Players.

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    by GMmasseus 4 months ago

  • Chess tournament December 6th Estero FL SWFL

    by coryajenk 6 months ago

  • wheres the next chess club? im near South miami but will travel

    by krmoore 13 months ago

  • ill be at the barns n nonbles next week! *4/19 and im mostly a blitz player so see you there

    by ZauzyDumpling 13 months ago

  • Every saturday from 3-7 Kendall Chess Club plays at the Barns N Noble next to Bahama Breeze.

    by prykoz123 14 months ago

  • Boca chess plays every friday at 6:30 www.bocachess.com

    by chessmunz2 14 months ago

  • I want to check out the Boca Chess Club. When would be a good time to visit? directions?

    by betterchess41 14 months ago

  • http://www.bocachess.com/places-to-play-chess-in-south-florida - Kind of helps if I actually post the link...duh!

    by Commishboo 15 months ago

  • @Whodinie - Try this link for places in South Florida. Call before you go though as I think these entries are not updated frequently. I am up in Wellington, so not much help down your way personally...Good luck!

    by Commishboo 15 months ago

  • i go to college at fau... but we are at spring break so im not much help

    by Knight_of_la_mancha 15 months ago