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♠Asian chess players♠

  • Asia International 
  • Formed: Jan 15, 2014
  • Hi. This is group for asian players. We have +400 members now. Enjoy to ur home :-)

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  • ok..! hy beauty

    by Bandit_bohongan 13 days ago

  • Morniiiing

    by Nayla_Zahwa 13 days ago

  • good name songyu i will give one...!!! A*strong * indeep* analysis....!!!

    by impeccablejmn 5 weeks ago

  • wow!

    by moonlight70 6 weeks ago

  • A name for the group: Absolute~Strong~Intelligent~Ambitious (ASIA)

    by Songyu123 6 weeks ago

  • hi

    by moonlight70 6 weeks ago

  • Hi every one , I am here in this group now

    by saisatish 6 weeks ago

  • hello everyone...!!! thanx for the invite...!!!!

    by impeccablejmn 7 weeks ago

  • how about asian chess club or asian chess mania

    by impeccablejmn 7 weeks ago

  • anyone got gobs of food??? i am racked with hunger

    by frindlemonster 7 weeks ago