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Stickman13's Tournament Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 26, 2014
  • This is a group for my friends and people looking to play in regular, fast tournaments. I've held a lot of tournaments lately, and this is the place to find them all! We also play regular team matches. You're welcome to join in! Thanks :)

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  • I can hold you a space for next season if you want?

    by Stickman13 7 hours ago

  • Its not possible becz, im already joined a tournament last week.

    by Mikeloves 8 hours ago

  • It starts today/when I can get everyone involved to sign up. Do you want to join? There's space in Div. 4

    by Stickman13 9 hours ago

  • stg league

    by Mikeloves 9 hours ago

  • Which one? STG league or something else?

    by Stickman13 10 hours ago

  • when the tournament will start?

    by Mikeloves 10 hours ago

  • send me a pm or in-game-msg with any thoughts on what i should do, ie leave 25th or can u wait a day? or something else

    by UK_wardy 31 hours ago

  • count me in to if you don't have my name and its still open

    by bman5925 4 days ago

  • I'm not sure if you have my name down already, but I would like an invite as well please.

    by dylangraham 4 days ago

  • I'll send you boh invites for season 3 (starts on August 1st)

    by Stickman13 4 days ago