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Stonewall Attack

  • United States 
  • Formed: Jun 20, 2012
  • This is for all lovers of the Stonewall Attack. Welcome to All.

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  • Bringing it back

    by G-Jax 4 weeks ago

  • I enjoy playing the stonewall for White and Black!! Great, we have forums!

    by aussiedj 3 months ago

  • 100

    by dawggybone 6 months ago

  • very powerful opening

    by dawggybone 8 months ago

  • Greetings Stonewall Attack. I have posted an invitation in your Forum.

    by HectorPerez 8 months ago

  • So what is the stonewall attack?

    by aknightilator 10 months ago

  • Hi new to the team. My favorite opening as white. I Ike nh3 variation myself

    by britesorb 18 months ago

  • What do you mean saint virus?

    by monsterking 20 months ago

  • Back on Stonewall warriors, I feel like Ive done everything I can on the stonewall there. Might as well make this a 2nd one. You guys want a team match or something?

    by monsterking 20 months ago

  • What the heck...I lost a game to wx-yz by not moving? Clearly, on my device it was his turn...Internet problem, chess.com's incompetence...either those or I am blind...or am I being hacked?

    by EmperorDeath 20 months ago