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Stonewall SUCKS!!

  • Stonewall is an opening played by noobs International 
  • Formed: Jun 26, 2011
  • Everyone in this group thinks stonewall is just a little stupid opening played by low class players. And guess what! we agree! We fight till the end against stonwall players!

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  • kafm,cvzlk/ z

    by Blitz-Ace 3 years ago

  • dvfgcxbchdts

    by Blitz-Ace 3 years ago

  • bla;ljdgkj;shg

    by Blitz-Ace 3 years ago

  • blah

    by Blitz-Ace 3 years ago

  • troll war

    by Blitz-Ace 3 years ago

  • lol i thought u were an actual gm, and your country sucks thats all gm-joker nothing but the country

    by Blitz-Ace 3 years ago

  • Troll group. lol. What a waste of time. lol

    by monsterking 4 years ago

  • Lol the point of this group is to watch everyone get all mad at a group that doesnt even make sence that is consisted of 2 players. Haha

    by jokerman17 4 years ago

  • good idea joker lol

    by TheDestructivePawn 4 years ago

  • Stonewall sucks suck!

    by Chess4001 4 years ago

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