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Straw Hat Pirates

  • United States 
  • Formed: Dec 15, 2011
  • If you love One Piece, this is the group for you! Join us on our hunt to become the next Pirate King! we'll just need a little "Thunder Tempo" and we'll be on our way ;P We will be very active in team matches! Yohohohooooo!!!!

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  • we are...

    by am_fadli 13 months ago

  • um, no.

    by fireflies808 21 months ago

  • One piece? Is that like 1D?

    by cornerstone7 21 months ago

  • sure. just ask us what you want to do??? sooo.

    by surfer277 2 years ago

  • Sure. We can try. I'm sorry for the inconviniencing (sorry if it's spelt wrong) of robertliu666.

    by surfer277 2 years ago

  • uh...

    by fireflies808 2 years ago

  • can i say that this week's OP was amazing. I wonder what happened to Brook, Zoro and Sanji though. it looks like only Brook took out his sword and yet they are all face-down in the snow supposedly defeated by the Eighty Cool Bros

    by gintokichimaru 3 years ago

  • good job, gintokichimaru! u not like robertliu666, right!? everyone dosen't like him that much either!! lol!

    by surfer277 3 years ago

  • we'll see how you feel after LA loses to denver in 6 games xD

    by gintokichimaru 3 years ago

  • go OKC, Lakers is just some old players who confuse b-ball and MMA #Bynum, World Peace

    by gintokichimaru 3 years ago

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