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Sunderland AFC

  • Sunderland England 
  • Formed: Dec 7, 2008
  • A group for all fans of Sunderland AFC.

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  • No fit skate to play chest tonighd. Could bt a doog time to play the bonny lat thought"1

    by wearsider 11 months ago

  • It's going to make Wednesday a party night!

    by whmackem 11 months ago

  • What a mental season.

    by mooper_dooper 11 months ago

  • Man Who? HAAAWAAAY !!! great result.

    by bonnylad15 11 months ago

  • 4-0 The great escape is on Haway the Lads.

    by bonnylad15 11 months ago

  • Just think if Mannone hadn't fumbled!

    by wearsider 11 months ago

  • Keep The Faith!!!

    by davrosFTM 11 months ago

  • Great to watch mind you Ramires should be banned for rest of season.

    by bonnylad15 11 months ago

  • Absolute heroes! We've given ourselves a chance, just hope we don't cock it up against Cardiff on Sunday!

    by Mullen 11 months ago

  • I won't be walking properly for a while and now shower using bleach, let's leave it at that /o\

    by mooper_dooper 13 months ago