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**Superheroes Chess Group**

  • All World India 
  • Formed: Jun 5, 2014
  • This is all about Chess, We are different from others, we let you know the tournaments going on in your surroundings, plus we deal with some coaches in this group who always eager to help you and supervise you. We play lots of team games over here plus play tournaments too. Here you also gets the latest news related to chess, plus you get chess materials to improve your game.

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  • No! You should be 50/50. Study and play. If you want to get better, go over your old games and find better moves for each move you made. It will help you to see your mistakes.

    by KingOswald 4 hours ago

  • but I'm thinking to leave study and concentrate on chess

    by sachinmohare 4 hours ago

  • Great! It will bear fruit in time.

    by KingOswald 23 hours ago

  • I'm still studying

    by sachinmohare 24 hours ago

  • Are you studying Sachi?

    by KingOswald 28 hours ago

  • Thanks all

    by sachinmohare 29 hours ago

  • Thanks

    by MugoNyam 33 hours ago

  • Thanks Orpa!

    by KingOswald 36 hours ago

  • Hi sachinmohare. It happens. You're not losing it. I advise going back to basics. Control the center, mobilize pieces, think of strategy ... where do you WANT your opponent to be and how can you make him go there? Look for forks, pins, and skewers. And study as much as you can. Just my thoughts, for whatever they're worth. Good luck!

    by Orpailleur 40 hours ago

  • Alright Superheroes! Sachi wants advice. What does everyone think? I say start with the Chess.com study plans, work on tactics everyday, and work through Jeremy Silman's chess books.

    by KingOswald 44 hours ago