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**Superheroes Chess Group**

  • All World India 
  • Formed: Jun 5, 2014
  • This is all about Chess, We are different from others, we let you know the tournaments going on in your surroundings, plus we deal with some coaches in this group who always eager to help you and supervise you. We play lots of team games over here plus play tournaments too. Here you also gets the latest news related to chess, plus you get chess materials to improve your game.

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  • Hahahaha!!!

    by KingOswald 4 days ago

  • shine a light :) a red one lol

    by barredowl 4 days ago

  • The Green Lantern People want a piece of us. Lets give them a Superhero punch in the kisser. Please join this match! http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=471672

    by KingOswald 4 days ago

  • Ola Pessoal... Tenham Um Bom Dia...

    by Wiz_Six 5 days ago

  • Great!

    by KingOswald 5 days ago

  • I Start practice with Black pieces

    by sachinmohare 5 days ago

  • Sachin!!!!! Are you working on your defenses with Black?

    by KingOswald 6 days ago

  • Hi King

    by sachinmohare 6 days ago

  • fine

    by Devkumar0118 6 days ago

  • Dev!!!!! How are you my friend?

    by KingOswald 7 days ago