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Teachers United

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  • Formed: Feb 10, 2010
  • Teacher United - Chess Playing Teachers from around the World!

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  • Hi, Chris! [waves] :)

    by EarnestDignity 3 weeks ago

  • Hi, I'm a public school teacher in Canada. Currently teaching P.E. I have also taught grade 2 & 3 and grades 7-9 language arts and social studies. I love playing in chess tournaments and running after school and lunch-time chess clubs!

    by ChrisWhite58n 3 weeks ago

  • Hello all, I teach English in The Netherlands.

    by Etsenmaker 2 years ago

  • anyone up for a game of 960? Just issue me a challenge if you do...thanks

    by Actrchess 3 years ago

  • Hi all, My name is Jon and I teach Visual Art in Memphis, TN.

    by egdodnoj 4 years ago

  • Hi I am from Scotland and teach computing and mathemitics.

    by Gandalf-uk 4 years ago

  • Welcome aboard, Dead_Rain!

    by knetfan 5 years ago

  • Good afternoon, everyone! Thanks for the invite! :)

    by Dead_Rain 5 years ago

  • Lance, didn't know about this group, I was thinking of starting one for teachers, no need now.

    by Norfolkandgood 5 years ago

  • hi, you accepet students?

    by stumble 5 years ago