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Team Assam

  • Assam India 
  • Formed: Dec 14, 2011
  • Assam, a beautiful state with Tea Gardens, River Brahmaputra and Barak, and many historical monuments and Temples. The word has been derived from the Sanskrit word 'ASAMA' which means 'Unequaled, Peerless or Uneven'. And the word exists both culturally as well as topographically.Team Assam has been formed in 2011, but revived again in 2012. Founder: Migang. Reviver: Saptarshi Chowdhury Assistance: Vijay Kulkarni

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  • joi aai asom

    by ShasankaChess 3 months ago

  • hi Good morning to Assam

    by Vibhav_G 5 months ago

  • welcome to team assam

    by Tinku_Basumatary 8 months ago

  • hi everyone .....

    by GM_NitishDas 8 months ago

  • Nomoskar............eyat tezpuror player asene baru??

    by Errorer 9 months ago

  • hi everybody

    by Tinku_Basumatary 12 months ago

  • Thanks a lot sir ..

    by arunjyotidas 12 months ago

  • Hi all.. Team Assam is now doing well with 83 members. I have added a few more SAs and am quitting as my role is over. Need any help please contact me.

    by vijaykulkarni 12 months ago

  • ৰাইজ কলৈ গ'ল ?

    by arunjyotidas 12 months ago

  • the champ is here

    by sandeep_nath 12 months ago