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Team chess World

  • Kaunas International 
  • Formed: Mar 26, 2013
  • This group is created for all chess players in the world!!! In this group admins and super admin are very good and nice. We play matches and vote chess. In this time we are weak, but if we get players this group will be famous we promise!!! And if you will be active the super admin can make you admin or a super admin!!! Sings: Angelas2002 groups super Admin

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  • We had a cheater on our team again.....now we will loss two games before we get started.

    by TamBria45 20 months ago

  • Happy Mother Day👏👏👏

    by TamBria45 23 months ago

  • Hi

    by Tripled_Pawns 23 months ago

  • Well thank you! atul88. I hope to make the te

    by TamBria45 23 months ago

  • i watched a few of your games. ur good.

    by atul88 23 months ago

  • Yep. I'm here playing chess.

    by TamBria45 23 months ago

  • hi, tam . i see schamatt's account closed too..

    by atul88 23 months ago

  • Hello Team

    by TamBria45 23 months ago

  • Great Job! Team 🌞

    by TamBria45 2 years ago

  • you have to have a membership in order to be SA

    by AwesomeXue 2 years ago