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Team Florida

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all Floridians that want to represent Florida in the US Chess League and against other teams.

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  • FIU

    by tylersloeper 6 months ago

  • is anyone in Miami shores

    by IveBeatenBobby 10 months ago

  • Who here lives near Daytona Florida area

    by thedarknight2 15 months ago

  • hey guys, I want to join a more local group like this to help my game out. i want to get a little more serious about chess. by the time i graduate high school i want to be a tournament player ive been playing for about 8 years but i want to take my chess game to a new level by joining a team.

    by soyelgringo 17 months ago

  • any one want to play i realy want my rating to get to 2000

    by thedarknight2 17 months ago

  • Glad to have you as a member. Anyone from FL can join in the fun.

    by kyska00 17 months ago

  • hello my name is kai who im am a compeditev chess player i play tounament all the time i would like to have A group like you guys contact me if you know me

    by thedarknight2 17 months ago

  • We will be locking our match against VA in the USCL Playoffs on Wed. 4/17. If you wish to join please do so,

    by kyska00 17 months ago

  • great to have you.

    by kyska00 17 months ago

  • how bout it up for another Floridian on board ?

    by darrellbman 17 months ago