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Team Google Plus

  • Google Plus International 
  • Formed: Nov 2, 2012
  • GROUP OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES! This is a new group designed to get Google Plus members to interact and talk about Chess. If you are on G+, please join the Chess Community there. A very active group of 8000+ players.

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  • 8000 refers to the number of members in the chess community at G+.

    by ThomasKarcher 7 days ago

  • It says over 8000 but there are only 74...

    by Kingdom_Hearts 7 days ago

  • Just a quick reminder: We still have a vote game running! Want to help us? Here's the link: http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=46766

    by ThomasKarcher 3 months ago

  • Please send invites to everyone when you create the tournament. Thanks!

    by celery2 4 months ago

  • @--->------ h A p P y . N e W . y E a R -----<---@

    by Cirrus_G 4 months ago

  • Where's the group tournament?

    by celery2 4 months ago

  • I'll play in it

    by JakeAKAGastro 4 months ago

  • I'll play!

    by SShifflett 4 months ago

  • OK, how big do we want the sections? These are all play all, if we make it too large, it'll be a lot of games. I would guess we'd be hard to get 6 players. One game at a time or two? I said 1 move/7 days below, is that good? If it's that slow and 1 game at a time, it'll take a long time... Maybe I should post a forum post and we can have a discussion there.

    by jordanh 5 months ago

  • Good idea - count me in!

    by ThomasKarcher 5 months ago