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Team Hampshire

  • Hampshire United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Feb 20, 2009
  • The team for all players from Hampshire! Among other things, we shall soon be competing in the Inter-County Championship!

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  • indeed

    by Craigrrr 2 months ago

  • its very quiet

    by sborg 2 months ago

  • Hi .. wow we've not been doing much on here !

    by Chas-Chapman 10 months ago

  • Hi all!

    by Ante-eata 10 months ago

  • good luck tomorrow!

    by Chas-Chapman 21 months ago

  • Well bad day all round .. Matt scraped a half and I lost a game when a piece and 2 pawns up !!

    by Chas-Chapman 21 months ago

  • Aaarrrrgh, two bad losses today. Came out of both openings slightly worse. Stuggled for 30 moves and then lost a piece to some simple tactics. Cheered up when I heard Saints had beat QPR. tomorrow is another day.

    by DoubleDum 21 months ago

  • nice 1, I blundered! Matt's was a close game but he was beat in the end by a 199 .. gl tomorrow

    by Chas-Chapman 21 months ago

  • I won in the open on board 1, round 1 - beat Peter Williams, feeling well chuffed.

    by DoubleDum 21 months ago

  • Yep - Eastleigh college. Go to Hampshire chess web page for details of timing etc....

    by DoubleDum 21 months ago

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