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Team Indiana

  • Indiana United States 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2009
  • For everyone at chess.com that proudly calls Indiana home. A group dedicated to all things Hoosier.

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  • That was what I meant. Thanks for the clarification, I'm new to a lot of this stuff. :)

    by zirkle 4 days ago

  • Zirkle, if you mean the match that we just started with the city of Novosibirsk, it is because it is just a match between our two teams and not a tournament. One round, winner of the most games wins the match.

    by dadmikeathome 5 days ago

  • Does anyone know why this Russian tournament doesn't show up under "Tournaments" in the sub-menu of the "Play" button at the top of the page?

    by zirkle 5 days ago

  • So after some research, Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia and the largest in Russian Asia. It has a population of 1.5 million and is located in south Central Russia near Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Just in case you were curious! :)

    by dadmikeathome 8 days ago

  • Let's go Hoosiers!!

    by dadmikeathome 8 days ago

  • So for those of you who were wanting another match! I have just accepted a team match issued to us from the team for the city of Novosibursk Russia! They are a team of comparable size but I do not know how highly rated their players are. I do know from World League chess matches that I have played in that generally speaking the Russians take their chess very seriously. :) So let's sign up and have a goood match!! Should be fun and it is 7 days per turn so no one should be too time pressed.

    by dadmikeathome 8 days ago

  • I want to join the next one :-) go indiana!

    by LarkinHOF 10 days ago

  • Looks like we are currently in second place! We just locked up wins against Team Oklahoma and Team Louisiana. Currently we are 3-1-1 with just the match against Team Utah left. One more match win and we should be playing to win the division! Go Team Indiana!! :)

    by dadmikeathome 10 days ago

  • We have actually had a number of people join in the last six months I see. So a big welcome to malmorris7, zirkle, wrslss, wa9c, atomDJT, badri12, AshishVaja, dooritor, and WaterBuffalo47. Thanks for joining Team Indiana. It's great to have you "on Board"! :)

    by dadmikeathome 10 days ago

  • Welcome aboard Zirkle! Glad to have you with Team Indiana! Our last Team Indiana match of the US Chess League just started, but depending on how we do, we may have a playoff game coming up still. If not I will look to challenge some other states soon for a few friendly matches. The new US Chess League season will start again in August I think.

    by dadmikeathome 10 days ago