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Team Indiana

  • Indiana United States 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2009
  • For everyone at chess.com that proudly calls Indiana home. A group dedicated to all things Hoosier.

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  • Great! Welcome aboard Alex. Glad to have your help! And great job to all of Team Indiana, what a great turnout!!

    by dadmikeathome 27 hours ago

  • No. I've never played a league game before at all actually. I did recently become a moderator for chess.com though. :)

    by Alex-Campbell 32 hours ago

  • You have not played for any other teams in the US Chess League this year have you?

    by dadmikeathome 32 hours ago

  • I'm fairly new to this group and have just registered for the match against Pennsylvania.

    by Alex-Campbell 33 hours ago

  • Hello all.

    by LLORKCOR 37 hours ago

  • We're a bit behind our opponents in registration--need everyone who can help to sign up and play hard

    by Lucidish_Lux 4 days ago

  • Outstanding abshores!! And great job to everyone on Team Indiana! We're in the finals now and everyone who wants to play is welcome to get signed up. Just make sure if you sign up, you play your games. No Timeouts!!

    by dadmikeathome 4 days ago

  • Finals baby! : D

    by EstDeusInNobis 4 days ago

  • Well done abshores! We're playing for 1st now

    by Lucidish_Lux 7 days ago

  • It is finished.... terrifyingly difficult until my opponent dropped his rook.

    by abshores 9 days ago