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Team Indiana

  • Indiana United States 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2009
  • For everyone at chess.com that proudly calls Indiana home. A group dedicated to all things Hoosier.

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  • Hello again everyone. Just wanted to point out that we have a new US chess league match starting up on Sun 12/7 against Team Oklahoma. We're looking outgunned on several boards so if you have time for a few more games we'd love to have you join in!

    by dadmikeathome 3 weeks ago

  • Hey everyone! It took a long time for Team Louisiana to accept the challenge for this round of the US Chess League and we are supposed to have locked roster by yesterday. But since it has been short notice I will give everyone until later tonight to still sign up if you want, Last call!! :)

    by dadmikeathome 7 weeks ago

  • Ah shoot somehow I missed this one

    by LarkinHOF 3 months ago

  • We need to lock our roster by Sunday afternoon.

    by dadmikeathome 3 months ago

  • Last chance for anyone interested to jump in with our latest US Chess League match against Team Pennsylvania. We can use all the help we can get, we are overmatched on almost every board. Jump in if you can!

    by dadmikeathome 3 months ago

  • Welcome estron123, glad to have you aboard!!

    by dadmikeathome 4 months ago

  • Guys I just joined team Indiana go hoosiers

    by estron123 4 months ago

  • Thinking about it.

    by IndyBill 4 months ago

  • yup....

    by kobby30 4 months ago

  • any one here going to indiana open?

    by JohnderriLLL 4 months ago