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Team Indiana

  • Indiana United States 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2009
  • For everyone at chess.com that proudly calls Indiana home. A group dedicated to all things Hoosier.

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  • It's ok Lucidish, we've all been there! I really appreciate all you guys who have been on here playing all season long! We've had a really good season and still have some good chances with blackdog and abshores to pull out a win or a couple of draws. Go Team Indiana!!!

    by dadmikeathome 2 weeks ago

  • I know it's just how it goes, but I still feel badly about losing that endgame. I've found a few lines where black may have been able to draw, but none where, with good play from white, black should have been able to win.

    by Lucidish_Lux 3 weeks ago

  • We'll wait! ;)

    by dadmikeathome 3 weeks ago

  • Patience is a virtue, especially in endgames.

    by Lucidish_Lux 3 weeks ago

  • I am still holding out hope also. :) We are moving slowly.

    by abshores 3 weeks ago

  • Good job! I've been checking on the positions every so often. I'm still holding out hope for abshores to pull his game out! Go Team Indiana! :)

    by dadmikeathome 3 weeks ago

  • Hey Guys - I managed a draw in my final game against Utah. If Blackdog wins one of his 2 remaining games, I think we win.

    by EstDeusInNobis 3 weeks ago

  • If anyone is interested in a discussion of that endgame, http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/just-lost-this-but-sure-it-was-won is a thread on it

    by Lucidish_Lux 4 weeks ago

  • That leaves 4 games guys to get 1.5 points. Play them carefully and don't resign if you haven't clearly lost. Go get em guys!

    by dadmikeathome 4 weeks ago

  • Damn. I had two paths before me, and I chose the wrong one. He had a zwischenzug 10 moves down the road that I missed, so sorry team, I went 0-2.

    by Lucidish_Lux 4 weeks ago