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Team Korea

  • South Korea 
  • Formed: Mar 30, 2009
  • 안녕하세요! 대한민국 chess.com 공식그룹, Team KOREA 입니다. This group is the official group representing Korea in the World Cup. We are active in team matches and vote chess matches. This group was founded by Mr. Damian Kim.

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  • Maybe

    by Mr_Spocky 5 days ago

  • Team Korea is dead?

    by Period11 7 days ago

  • hi i joined

    by jpark521 7 weeks ago

  • 저기..여기 가입해닜는 한국인은 데체 왜 그러는 겁니까??

    by justin9195 7 weeks ago

  • @admins: there is a team match challenge from Team Jordan in your team matches tab since 5 days in the Asian league tourney, some body should accept it, it is there for a long time now, thanks

    by TheBlueRook75 8 weeks ago

  • 나랑께...문좀열어보랑께...

    by Naranggge 2 months ago

  • 안녕하세요

    by gangholeee 2 months ago

  • 저는 0승 2패......남은 분들이 잘 해 주시길...

    by justin9195 3 months ago

  • 저는 1승 1패입니다. 남은 분들의 건투를 빕니다!!

    by drsquat 3 months ago

  • 중국인을!!쳐부수자!!

    by justin9195 3 months ago