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Team Louisiana

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all members of Louisiana that want to represent Louisiana in the US Chess League and against other teams.

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  • alright, i guess last call on the team metallica match. i'd like to lock and start our match tonight if that's ok with every one.

    by strickland420 5 days ago

  • "Team Metallica" awaits more players from us to sign up. Just got an email from USCL. Looks like Oklahoma finished last in D-II and will move down to us in D-III next season. Their playoffs are set in D-II. We won't make it in ours but we had a good season na dhave a much stronger side than when it began!!

    by Kenny-ChessKnee 7 days ago

  • sounds good.

    by cajuncharlie 9 days ago

  • mais sure

    by q2pops 10 days ago

  • I'd be up for it

    by Flan14 11 days ago

  • haha, yeah that sounds like something i'd be interested in :)

    by strickland420 13 days ago

  • It's like a morgue in here guys. What happened to all the chatter? What do you guys want to do when the US League is over? Should we do a new friendly challenge to anyone?

    by Kenny-ChessKnee 14 days ago

  • FYI the missouri match is a make up for USCL. Join up! Also, new admins.... That's dietmar below who helps run USCL. Feel free to drop him a line so he knows there are other LA. admins he can contact. It was luck that I saw his last email re: USCL!

    by Kenny-ChessKnee 3 months ago

  • That would be good enough for me as well. I recently had a case of two players with foreign flags on my team. One picked it by accident so I removed him, the other used to live in the state so he stayed on.

    by Dietmar 3 months ago

  • Everyone, remember there is a new vote chess game. Please check it out by looking at the group's vote chess at the bottom right corner

    by chessdex 3 months ago