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Team Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg 
  • Formed: Feb 10, 2009
  • For players from Luxembourg. Join and manage your own national team, and play against other national teams!

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  • Hi!

    by dream76 5 months ago

  • also irgendwéi ginn déi Turnéier nie färdeg, krut na nie irgendeen Endresultat...

    by Rippmike 8 months ago

  • Come on. Please lock your team for the European League match against Northern Ireland.

    by mrdenetop 15 months ago

  • Do you want to play or cancel, please..? http://www.chess.com/groups/view_team_match_challenge?id=395692

    by LancelotDuLac 17 months ago

  • Salut! Et huet net vill Senn hei en Team Luxembourg ze hun wann keen well spillen.

    by sevy1971 18 months ago

  • sali wollt mol rem bessi mattspillen hei? iergent een turneier wwat lo unfänkt??

    by Kueder 19 months ago

  • We need 2 more players here: http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=125834

    by sevy1971 2 years ago

  • schtroumpf ready for team match lock your team

    by jips07 2 years ago

  • you have another player for the match against smurf?

    by jips07 2 years ago

  • hello

    by jips07 2 years ago