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Team Mumbai(टीम मुंबई)

  • mumbai India 
  • Formed: Mar 20, 2011
  • here all chess players from aamchi mumbai are invited.

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  • Kya shant group hai...byee tum log ne ek mumbaikar ko kho diya

    by dwij-jha 37 hours ago

  • How to become admins

    by dwij-jha 10 days ago

  • i live in mumbai

    by dwij-jha 8 months ago

  • you will get the msgs of new team matches in ur msg box..yo can then join the team matches for our team

    by PRASAD 17 months ago

  • hmmm ok welcome to team mumbai !!

    by kpm7 17 months ago

  • hi warrior2000... where r u from???

    by kpm7 17 months ago

  • i m from byculla

    by shriket 19 months ago

  • population of mumbai in chess.com is less....may be....

    by ROOKKING8 21 months ago

  • ok :)

    by PRASAD 2 years ago

  • hello prasad i think team Mumbai is cool name than vikhrolions

    by madhavrkulkarni 2 years ago