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Team Nashville

  • Nashville, TN United States 
  • Formed: Dec 25, 2011
  • this group is for people who live in Nashville, have lived in Nashville, or visit Nashville frequently. thanks

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  • For some reason there is no option to lock any of these matches

    by Bigrevkev55 20 months ago

  • Please lock your team for the match against Lindsey etc. See here:

    by eg5309 20 months ago

  • If you are ready for the match against TheBox, please let me know it and lock your team.

    by eg5309 21 months ago

  • Any new matches?

    by Bigrevkev55 23 months ago

  • another call for michigan match.

    by riggs1 3 years ago

  • Were going to play michigan. plz join

    by riggs1 3 years ago

  • I just sent new invites to groups

    by riggs1 3 years ago

  • hey nashvillans dont for get about the match vs the active texans need 1 more

    by iolair 3 years ago

  • Hey guys. I'm in Nashville and just s'tarting to play chess. Would love to be a part of this group and I desperately want to improve.

    by Bigrevkev55 3 years ago

  • get ready for texas. this is there main team.

    by riggs1 3 years ago

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