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  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all Oklahomans. Fight along side of your fellow Okies to represent Oklahoma in the US Chess League and against other teams. GO OKLAHOMA !!!!

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  • WE lost a tough match to Indiana by 8-14. SM to Baysage,CommanderKeen,WLOYD,mdewings,prophet1223 and Cybersensi for outstanding play, and everyone who participated

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • We lost to T Pennsylvania by 6-16. SM goes to Baysage,Prophet1223, and Jason 9199 for their play. A thank you also for everyone who played. Overall it has been a good turn-around from last season.

    by bezerker3 4 weeks ago

  • We have clinched a victory over Team Mississippi SM to Baysage,CommanderKeen and mdewings. great job guys!

    by bezerker3 5 weeks ago

  • We might have more matches coming since Teams Kansas, Georgia and Kansas have been added to our Division

    by bezerker3 8 weeks ago

  • We are 3-1 with Team indiana match stil undecided. Oue 6th and final match against Team Mississippi will be open for enrollment soon

    by bezerker3 3 months ago

  • We defeated Team N Hampshire 6-4) SM to Baysage,CommanderKeen,prophet1223, and andypady02. We were slight underdogs going into that match. Great job everyone!!

    by bezerker3 3 months ago

  • We won our Round 1 match against T Louisiana (16.5-5.5). SM to sbaker831,CommanderKeen,hadamwebb,Thresholder,RuleBy Force,CyberSenei,Jason9199 and Alexander405. XSM goes toBaysage and Okieman888 for xtra key wins. Thanks everyone

    by bezerker3 4 months ago

  • Looks like our match against Team Indiana is going to be a really good one!!

    by bezerker3 4 months ago

  • Our round 5 match against Team Indiana is now open

    by bezerker3 5 months ago

  • I'd like to particpate in that blitz tourney. Depends on the entry fee and times. I'll check the website later to see about that tourney.

    by Thresholder 7 months ago