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  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all Oklahomans. Fight along side of your fellow Okies to represent Oklahoma in the US Chess League and against other teams. GO OKLAHOMA !!!!

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  • Were looking good so far in our 2 matches. Our next match should be posted in a week or two

    by bezerker3 12 hours ago

  • Round 2 against Team Utah is now open

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • I locked the T Louisiana opener with 11 players in. Welcome back veterans Baysage,CommanderKeen,RulebyForce,cybersensei,Jason9199 and Alexander405. Also first time league players Okieman888.SBaker831,Hadamwebb and thresholder. Thanks to all. I will ask T Louisiana to lock

    by bezerker3 7 weeks ago

  • To other S Admins and Admins, Deitmar asked if we would like Team Tennessee to replace Team Mass. in Div.3. I replied no .

    by bezerker3 7 weeks ago

  • I updated Season 4 Division 2 results in the Rececnt Activity Section.

    by bezerker3 4 months ago

  • The Kentucky match looks really good for us...Were a better team than we were last year, but teams like Oregon and Florida got much better.

    by bezerker3 6 months ago

  • do we have everyone from OCF and OCA who are members here?

    by CyberSensei 6 months ago

  • Well, after our championship winning season last year and promotion to Division 2, this season has been tough. Currently we're in last place without a win. The bottom team goes down to Division 3. But all is not yet lost! VA and OR have only won one game and both are currently up in their outstanding games. We are up against KY and can tie with CA. So with a bit of luck we may yet just survive!

    by mdewings 6 months ago

  • Absolutely right bezerker3! I myself am an Okie, not living in the motherland... I am in ......kansas...lol I have always been and will always be an Okie. It's you're state of mind, not state of residence that is important. Rolled Tide !!!!

    by RulebyForce 6 months ago

  • In the US Chess League, you must live or be committed to thestate you play for. Several of our players are former sooners living elsewhere. players not committedto Oklahoma can play non-US Chess League matches

    by bezerker3 6 months ago