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  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all Oklahomans. Fight along side of your fellow Okies to represent Oklahoma in the US Chess League and against other teams. GO OKLAHOMA !!!!

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  • Thanks, glad to be here

    by Okieman888 11 days ago

  • Welcome Okieman888 to Team Oklahoma!

    by bezerker3 11 days ago

  • We lost to Team Kentucky by 10.-11.5. Special mention goes to CommanderKeen,ravenloche,lorenjamison,Jason9199, and Ruleby Force for their play. I want to thank everyone for their participation in this match. I'll provide a short season recap soon. Thanks everyone!!

    by bezerker3 11 days ago

  • A 9-9 draw with NCal- Special Mention to Mdewings,Baysage,CommanderKeen,WLOYD,and Jason9199. A special thx to all whom participated. We were heavy underdogs coming into this one!

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • We got the draw against Northern California due to my opponent forfeiting two games due to lack of vacation time

    by mdewings 3 weeks ago

  • Thank you!

    by sbaker831 3 weeks ago

  • I want to welcome sbaker831. Welcome to Team Oklahoma Scott!

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • I think we may have caught a break with Team NCal. I think we may get another forfeit win here.

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • Thanks, glad I found out about the group.

    by Demandred3333 3 weeks ago

  • Welcome to nostros and Demandered3333. Thanks for joining Team Oklahoma!!

    by bezerker3 4 weeks ago