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  • Formed: Feb 19, 2011
  • This is the group for all Oklahomans. Fight along side of your fellow Okies to represent Oklahoma in the US Chess League and against other teams. GO OKLAHOMA !!!!

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  • We have clinched Season5/3 victories against Teams Louisiana and Utah!!

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • N Hampshire only brought 5 players to our match. Adypaddy02,Baysage,CommanderKeen,Prophet1223, and myself are in. I want to thank everyone who signed up, hopefully our next opponent can bring more players. Thx everyone

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • I locked the Team N Hampshire match with 9 players in so far. Hopefully Team N Hampshire will respond. Once again thx everyone!!

    by bezerker3 4 weeks ago

  • I'd like to particpate in that blitz tourney. Depends on the entry fee and times. I'll check the website later to see about that tourney.

    by Thresholder 4 weeks ago

  • Jason, be sure to check out the website because the days and locations may have changed since you last went. Also, there's an open-air blitz tournament this Friday on Film Row. I'll be posting it on the website today.

    by CyberSensei 4 weeks ago

  • Awesome! I miss going to the Challengers each week. Just got so busy through work, but maybe I can find time on Saturday.

    by Jason9199 4 weeks ago

  • We're redoing our OKChallengers.org website and going to be growing chess in OKC through social media, so we should start getting some more players joining the team.

    by CyberSensei 4 weeks ago

  • glad to see team OK has grown!

    by prophet1223 4 weeks ago

  • Welcome AdyPady02 to Team Oklahoma!! Round 3 against Team New Hampshire is now open

    by bezerker3 5 weeks ago

  • welcome AdyPady02!!!!

    by CyberSensei 5 weeks ago