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Team Ontario

  • Ontario & Area Canada 
  • Formed: Jan 2, 2009
  • This is a group for players from, in or around the province of Ontario, Canada. "From western hills, to northern shores, to Niagara Falls, where the waters roar. Give us a land of peace, where the free winds blow, and we will build Ontario. A place to stand, a place to grow, Ontari-ari-ari-o!" If you're a resident, expatriate or lover of Ontario (host of the 2036 Olympics(?)), sign up now!

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  • I lost the deciding game of the Team Peru match. Completely overlooked the knight sacrifice 35.Nf5. I apologize to the team for my ineptness.

    by Imadeabooboo 12 days ago

  • If you like playing a relaxing 14 days per move games.. join the group Fourteen Days, you can play fast too without risk of time outs. http://www.chess.com/groups/view/fourteen-days

    by Ramherliana 4 weeks ago

  • Good Morning All !!!!

    by B1J2 5 weeks ago

  • Good MORNING

    by B1J2 6 weeks ago

  • YES

    by B1J2 6 weeks ago

  • May he rest in Peace.

    by ReviveTheMiddleClass 7 weeks ago

  • Sadly, I found this notice on Geoff's profile. http://cf.rkdinternet.ca/wallcustance/public/notices2.cfm?notice=17483

    by ReviveTheMiddleClass 7 weeks ago

  • i cant find his obit online...are we sure he passed away?

    by fbobobby 7 weeks ago

  • Geoff Boggler was on board 47 in the New Jersey match and scored 2 fine wins for Team Ontario. Team members can check out his homepage which has a beautiful background. A huge Beatles fan and ardent chessplayer. Too bad he passed away.

    by Imadeabooboo 7 weeks ago

  • His amigo, Tamakun, talked about the timeout 7 days ago in a match comment. My Peruvian (Spanish?) is not very good, but I am certain he will play out this game.

    by Imadeabooboo 7 weeks ago