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Team Ontario

  • Ontario & Area Canada 
  • Formed: Jan 2, 2009
  • This is a group for players from, in or around the province of Ontario, Canada. "From western hills, to northern shores, to Niagara Falls, where the waters roar. Give us a land of peace, where the free winds blow, and we will build Ontario. A place to stand, a place to grow, Ontari-ari-ari-o!" If you're a resident, expatriate or lover of Ontario (host of the 2036 Olympics(?)), sign up now!

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  • Team Quebec seems to have challenged us to a match. They clobbered us last time and gloated about it. Let's see what we can do.

    by SnoStorm 18 hours ago

  • me to please dawg, me and infamouswilly are brothers. He just told me about this site, im a good player as well, id like to play for canada and ontario please add, then invite to the other team canada

    by littlewilly416 5 days ago

  • yo daws add me to team canada to please, i wont join any other groups, and im a good plyr, chek my record, ill play in team matches

    by infamouswilly416 5 days ago

  • i live and cheer for the toronto maple leafs

    by infamouswilly416 5 days ago

  • Well done Rohit Sangaraju, 2-0 on board 53 versus New Jersey and only 16 years old.

    by Imadeabooboo 12 days ago

  • I think any tie to Ontario is fine.

    by Daws74 3 weeks ago

  • Maybe ought to open a forum thread, but I thought I'd say that I see no lack of integrity in allowing former Ontarians. Chess.com teams aren't strictly geographical. Either policy seems fine to me.

    by pocklecod 3 weeks ago

  • no, it is fine, Phil_Major...its certainly not a hard and fast rule. Play away. We'll sort it out eventually.

    by fbobobby 4 weeks ago

  • On the topic of predicting the outcome of a team match, this can be done with some simple formulas on our ratings. The rating comparison between two players results in an expected win percentage. That can be calculated for each pairing and added up for a predicted score. It won't be pretty in the NJ match, but I can run the numbers later today.

    by Daws74 4 weeks ago

  • That map was used extensively by many of the US state teams to recruit new players. They are struggling with recruiting now that they don't have that feature to rely on.

    by Daws74 4 weeks ago