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Team Soviet Union / Сборная СССР

  • International 
  • Formed: Mar 1, 2014
  • Эта команда ставит своей целью объединить шахматистов из бывшего СССР в одну группу. Цель данной группы – создать самую мощную и сильную группу на Chess.com. Ждем Вас в наших рядах! This group is for all players from the former Soviet Union, aiming to unite all chess players from the USSR and create the strongest group on Chess.com!

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  • (since symbols are still in use in Viet Nam for instance does Suopiskelija wish to take campaign against symbols into real world...and renew war against Viet Nam??

    by beardown12 19 hours ago

  • The Major does not like politics..but prefers to look upon symbols as representative of international proletarian movement..not needed to be totalitarian..... r

    by beardown12 19 hours ago

  • shut a fuck off Suopiskelija:D:D

    by adletiko 20 hours ago

  • This obscure group uses totalitarian symbols as their sign... It's the same as a team of german chess players uses the symbols of the Third Reich... No respect!

    by Suopiskelija 21 hours ago

  • Всем привет :)

    by Alex_Yurichev 8 days ago

  • Ребята, я с вами!

    by RUSSIAN68 10 days ago

  • когда будут блиц турниры?

    by gannik700 3 weeks ago


    by serbiancop 4 weeks ago

  • С Новым Годом!

    by Vas87thRD 4 weeks ago

  • , С Новым годом всех членов этой красивой клуба.

    by serbiancop 5 weeks ago