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Team USA: Northwest

  • USA Northwest United States 
  • Formed: Dec 8, 2008
  • Team USA: Northwest proudly welcomes the members into the Pan- American League in 2014. We no longer offer World League competition with this group; Team USA is now the official group for world wide international competition. The Northwestern United States is represented here for tournament competition. Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado. For those of you with special circumstances, ie. not living in the Northwest but from here, please apply if you want to represent your turf.


How to sign up for Team Matches

Submitted by Enormous_Gastropod on Jun 6, 2009 posted in Team USA: Northwest News
Our group member PhilipN answers the common question: Q: How do I sign up for Team Matches? A: You go into the group's main page, and there will be a box on the right-hand side of the screen called "Group Menu" (above the box called "Groups &am...Read More »