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Team Wales

  • Wales 
  • Formed: Sep 16, 2007
  • Welcome to Team Wales! This is the group representing Wales in the Chess.com World League and European League. It is for all those who would like to participate in League match play. Members can only play and represent one Country in the World League and are encouraged to fly their flag accordingly. Please note that members already playing with a different country team in official World League games, will not be able to play for Team Wales. The World League is the official Chess.com league of international team matches where Countries battle it out in fierce team competition using an internal ranking system. This group also aims to provide a friendly home for all Welsh players at Chess.com. Please contribute as much as possible with news, events, league results, discussions about chess or anything else! PS - there's no need to be able to speak Welsh! This group will be in English!


Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) League

Submitted by SonofPearl on Jan 20, 2015 posted in Team Wales News
The new season of the Chess960 World League will get underway soon, and Team Wales could do with a few more regular players to boost our chances. If you've never played chess960 (a.k.a. Fischer Random Chess), don't worry - if you can play chess, ...Read More »