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  • New York United States 
  • Formed: Jan 7, 2013
  • Anyone wishing to discuss the greatest electrical engineer in the history of the universe!

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  • His work with rotating magnetic fields led to the Unified Field Theory of Einstein and its torsion tensor. This was noted by Gabriel Kron of GE in the 30's who tried to make the theory apply to inventions. Some say that this all led to the "Philadelphia Experiment." Read more in "Secrets of the Unified Theory," by Joseph P. Farell.

    by Chile_Willy 12 months ago

  • There should be more here. Let's lend a tesla cable and electrify this group

    by CabassoG 15 months ago

  • hi,im an electricity engineer:D happy to join to this group

    by MaEE 22 months ago

  • Tesla Society still exists today, they believe Tesla was from Venus!!!

    by GREATGRANDPATZER 2 years ago

  • Tesla invented the electric motor, A/C current, radio, radar, to name just a few!!

    by GREATGRANDPATZER 2 years ago

  • I have every book, in English, published about Tesla. He is the greatest genius of all time! MY HERO!

    by GREATGRANDPATZER 2 years ago