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the 65th Square

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 5, 2013
  • Why play chess? is a question I have been asking myself (especially when I am getting shellacked!). Although it's often hard to forget about the win/lose aspect and simply play to learn and resolve puzzling situations, this is where the greatest joy comes for me. As one friend says, "chess is art." Certainly it allows for creativity! The 65th square is designed to be a club, a forum, a tournament site, and somewhere to share whatever it is you have to share (presumably related to chess in some way). It could be not unlike the 19th hole on a golf course, where members share their victories and analyze their defeats with comrades. Thanks for the input and support from hope2joy and SavyNL to get this started.

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  • Just back from a Christmas Eve service and so my Christmas starts now! Have a peaceful and joyous day for you and your family. Smile Nigel Malka

    by hope2joy 3 days ago

  • Have a wonderful holilday season, everyone.

    by swaldh 4 days ago

  • it was worth it for the beatific smile on the little girl inthe wheelchair!

    by swaldh 7 days ago

  • Yes! the performance was at a hospital that refuses no patient.

    by swaldh 7 days ago

  • Thank you swaldh for http://safeshare.tv/w/OXHZUxUXXN is was wonderful!

    by hope2joy 7 days ago

  • Welcome new member chicagotim1

    by swaldh 7 days ago

  • If you would like an upbeat cheering experience, check out this flash waltz performed in Israel at http://safeshare.tv/w/OXHZUxUXXN

    by swaldh 7 days ago

  • i will initiate a new match soon for our new members' sake.

    by swaldh 7 days ago

  • i have too much going on over the holidays. both my daughters are visiting (hooray!), and many family obligations. I hope everyone is well and playing healthy chess! It makes the world a better place. I am enjoying Kasparov's Life Imitates Chess on Regicidal Maniac's recommendation!

    by swaldh 7 days ago

  • I will try the 27th quick knockouts.

    by swaldh 7 days ago

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