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The Cat Appreciation Society

  • Worcester United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Sep 4, 2007
  • I couldn't find any online groups for England or the United Kingdom, so stand amazed at the first! Also I like cats, thus the group name. Have you realised that the initials of the name form an anagram of the word "Cats"? Purely acciedental I assure you. Feel free to join and/or contact me.

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  • Hallo, nice to see another Cat lover member, say something after 3 year! :-D

    by through_GRACE_alone 3 years ago

  • I am an advocate of the Raw Food Diet for cats.

    by Rosechess7 3 years ago

  • So happy to find this group! Cats are so wonderful, I love learning about them! And Chess, of course! ;)

    by Rosechess7 3 years ago

  • the new albums are nice!

    by sam000 6 years ago

  • Pardon I must cut back......

    by THCKINGJON 6 years ago

  • Do You Agree ? "It is a mathematical fact that the casting of this pebble from my hand alters the centre of gravity of the universe." Thomas Carlyle

    by THCKINGJON 7 years ago

  • Will my Group take a look at my photo albums and perhaps offer a response ??

    by THCKINGJON 7 years ago

  • hello everyone, do you know how i can get a cat picture of the internet

    by sam000 7 years ago

  • am the biggest cat lover out there . cause am a straycat my self !... i need few moregood brave fighting cats to join my viscious yet gentle team( Pirates ) .. specialy now we are taking on some relly good matches against some serious idiots of the net !! hehe

    by straycat 7 years ago

  • Why hello there!

    by TehPantz 7 years ago