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  • GET READY TO BE CHECKMATED!! International 
  • Formed: Dec 24, 2007
  • The Checkmate Club is a fantastic group for people to play, learn and share! TCC is proud to be 353rd in team matches and 352nd in vote chess as of December 4, 2014. We are slowly progressing up the charts, and with your help we can accomplish our goal to be one of the largest groups on chess.com! The Checkmate Club participates in activities such as team and vote chess matches. Join today and be part of the rapidly growing Checkmate Club!

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  • Dear Chess Friends and fellow group members, I have created another thematic tournament, focusing on the 2…d6 line of the Sicilian defense for players rated between 1700-2200. The format is 48 hrs/move and both games per opponent start at same time. I will appreciate it if you will join this tournament. http://www.chess.com/tournament/1700-2200-d6-sicilian-tourney-48hrs-per-move

    by Oraoradeki 2 months ago

  • We urgently need help in our match against Immortal Pawns. If anyone can join please do!

    by bigfish 2 months ago

  • Hi guys i'm back! Going to get this group active again

    by bigfish 3 months ago

  • g rweigeriw gwiegower gwreigwrewgrekgrewgwrejgw erg w grwgerw hgw wgre hg ewr so inactive

    by Killer110011123 4 months ago

  • hi.. i'm from indonesian..nice to meet u all

    by ebie2 8 months ago

  • Lol

    by TheBlueKnight9 8 months ago

  • ???

    by ChessUniverse1 8 months ago

  • glad to hear that

    by ChessUniverse1 9 months ago

  • Awesome

    by FootballRef 9 months ago

  • how is eveybody doing?

    by ChessUniverse1 9 months ago