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  • GET READY TO BE CHECKMATED!! International 
  • Formed: Dec 24, 2007
  • The Checkmate Club is a fantastic group for people to play, learn and share! TCC is proud to be 370th in team matches and 366th in vote chess as of February 25th, 2015. We are slowly progressing up the charts, and with your help we can accomplish our goal to be one of the largest groups on chess.com! The Checkmate Club participates in activities such as team and vote chess matches. Join today and be part of the rapidly growing Checkmate Club!

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  • @belovsky23... You'er not familiar to me as always man...

    by kuriju 5 days ago

  • New match open for registration against Rush Fans for Chess!

    by bigfish 5 days ago

  • If anyone else would like to join the under 1800 match against A Great Transition, it starts tomorrow so please do so soon!

    by bigfish 6 days ago

  • I'm always in if my rate allows it and if I'm not in both teams...

    by kuriju 8 days ago

  • Unless you guys would like to play out the match?

    by bigfish 8 days ago

  • Angel Shield has deleted players on their lower boards, so i will be cancelling the match and looking for fair competition elsewhere

    by bigfish 8 days ago

  • gg... I cannot see her.. shoud I reprocess the image? Channel separation?

    by kuriju 11 days ago

  • welcome belovski23!

    by bigfish 11 days ago

  • No. But she is beautiful

    by belovski23 11 days ago

  • I she naked????

    by kuriju 11 days ago