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The chess maniacs

  • Around the World International 
  • Formed: Oct 30, 2010
  • Welcome to The chess maniacs!!! This group is very fast developing and we participate in team matches and vote chess. I hope you join. Dictionary1000

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  • http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=76244

    by Dictionary1000 4 years ago

  • Can everybody join the new team match:)

    by Dictionary1000 4 years ago

  • I love active groups.

    by The_Chess_Agent 4 years ago

  • Sorry guys. I had a blank spell where I didn't play for ages. Anyway I am back now and this group is going to be very active

    by Dictionary1000 4 years ago

  • Time to under some things, turn on the lights and turn on some music and cook some food. Invite everybody back.

    by royalbishop 5 years ago

  • hi hi lol

    by LUCKY1963 5 years ago

  • 36 days of silence! I just realized i was in this gorup until i had an alert.

    by royalbishop 5 years ago

  • Merry Christmas everybody!

    by royalbishop 5 years ago

  • Hello everyone.. Marry Christmas and Happy new year. Thanks for the invitation.

    by nibir 5 years ago

  • greetings to all....

    by otherdog 5 years ago