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The Dark Knights

  • Gotham City International 
  • Formed: Aug 5, 2008
  • This is a group for anyone who likes Batman or the new Batman movie, anyone who likes to use the Alekhine, Indian, Nimzowitsch, Zukertort, Mikenas, Lemming, Australian, Anglo-Lithuanian, Horsefly, or Black Mustang Defences, anyone who completed a game in my Dark Knight Tournament, or anyone else who wants to join. Everyone's welcome!!

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  • You're welcome and that's fine! ^^ Just join if or when you can! ;)

    by Batman91939 3 hours ago

  • Thanks for inviting. But I cant join team match regularly.

    by I_Ahmed 3 hours ago

  • We still need more players, especially strong ones, for this team match:

    by Ray_D 4 hours ago

  • You're welcome! ;p

    by Batman91939 4 hours ago

  • Thx for the Invite

    by cheeky_chicky 4 hours ago

  • Here is a new Team Match, for up to 20 players of any rating. Please join if you can:

    by Ray_D 5 days ago

  • Thx for trying "LucatplayzForTheWin"! ^^

    by Batman91939 5 days ago

  • hi all

    by Lil-Jon 6 days ago

  • And it already started dang

    by LucatplayzForTheWin 6 days ago

  • Lol I will

    by LucatplayzForTheWin 6 days ago