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The Fellowship of Middle-earth

  • Middle-earth International 
  • Formed: Jul 12, 2009
  • We welcome all those online chess and The Lord of the Rings (or Tolkien in general) addicts. Become a member of the Fellowship of the Middle-earth and let's play chess together.

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  • I am good

    by susannamarks 2 months ago

  • Well, and you?

    by Chessislife2013 2 months ago

  • how are you?

    by susannamarks 2 months ago

  • Hey!

    by Chessislife2013 2 months ago

  • hi

    by susannamarks 2 months ago

  • Hello!

    by Chessislife2013 3 months ago

  • Hello :)

    by Glorfindel_1 3 months ago

  • hi!!

    by thundercobra 3 months ago

  • Its doing six months I am not come to Chess.com. Because I am sick, I have a particular disease. I can not live without the works of Tolkien (books, films, websites). His gnaws at me because I'm addicted to it works and I can not go one night without reading this book is because for me, I must know everything about the Middle Earth. Its almost makes me crazy as my tired body wants to sleep at midnight but my mind wants to continue to read without judgment because it (my mind) wants to maintain

    by Vincent34 3 months ago

  • Happy Independence Day everyone!

    by Chessislife2013 4 months ago